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“Magic in simple words is the art of targeted deception by performing tricks of greatest precision”

Mentalism Knowledge is #1 Premier site for magic tricks ,mentalism and mind reading. If you are serious about learning this fascinating performance art , then our site is the best suit for you.We go from the basic stuffs to the advanced magic performances that you can learn through our step by step guide along with a suitable video,


We also reveal some of the greatest tricks performed by Derren Brown,Blaine,Copperfield and many great ones.

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Fundamental Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Patience : One must have the patience to perform magic well.It takes time to learn this art. But the results are really worth it.
  2. Practice :  Practice makes things perfect. It all comes to how much time you are putting to learn this skill everyday. The more time you spend practicing , the sooner you are going to master it which ultimately makes you a good magician.
  3. Longevity : The longer you involve yourself , the better you are going to perform.Its not learning a couple of weeks and then dropping off. You need to continuously practice for a sufficient amount of time may be a year or more so the skill benefits you.

If you carefully take time to go through the tricks in our site and practice them every day then we are sure you are going to be excel at it. It’s all about how passionately you have involved yourself with it.


Some tricks to Start with

Fun and Simple magic tricks

Name the chosen card tricks

Beginners card tricks-Fun and Simple

“The above are some really cool and fun tricks you can start right away. Remember the more perfect your trick looks , the more reality it gets which thrills your audience.”


See some of our most loved tricks to Start with

card tricks performanceMagic Card Tricks 

We listed the 10 most interesting and easy to learn card tricks. 



Mentalism Tricks – 7 tricks to practicementalism tricks and mind reading

5 Famous Concepts of Mentalism



coin tricksCoin Sleights 

If you are interested in performing tricks with coins then this guide will help you.



mentalism-booksBooks on Mentalism 

If you are serious about mind reading then you can check this page for the best book to purchase to effectively understand this art.



 Mind reading                            mind reading

Know everything about cold reading in this guide.



magic tricks for kidsMagic tricks for kids

We also have a section for kids – after all kids love magic more than anything.




Our Recommendations for Mastering Mentalism and Magic 

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The Revelation Effect It’s a very good place to learn some advanced techniques that we have not covered.Check the site to see if you like what they have.

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Learn Easy Magic is another cool resource that teaches some really cool things on Magic.