David Blaine – Beyond – Greatest Magician Alive

You know people use to jaw drop when he starts performing ? The master illusionist David Blaine never fails to surprise his audience when it comes to unveiling some unthinkable magic illusion tricks. The 43-year-old beats all odds to become the most unimaginable magician of the 21st century. Most if not all of his live [...]

Fun magic trick, tie your shoelaces with just a shake and a kick

Thank you, and excuse me, while my shoelaces tie themselves Made famous by magician David Blaine, this magic trick shows how you can tie your shoelaces without using your hands. Someone is always very kind to point out when your shoelaces are untied. So, what do you do? Don’t just thank them, you shake a [...]

How to walk on broken glass -how to succeed in the impossible

Walking on broken glass -how to succeed in the impossible Unexplained phenomena with a touch of the supernatural have always been attractive and scary for men and women. Gifted individuals manage to create the illusion of possessing magical powers. The most gifted among them have built amazing careers. One of the most wanted magic tricks [...]

Copperfield’s lady liberty trick- A statue that never moved

Copperfield's greatest trick explained/ How he did it You know this illusion is just freaking awesome !! The world of Magic since it's beginning, has had many great performers all known for their own personal styles and great tricks. When looking back on some of the world's greatest magicians one name comes to mind. That name, [...]

The Real Truth Behind Dynamo Magician

The Freaking DYNAMO - IMPOSSIBLE MAGICIAN Dynamo magician is a 31 year old magician from Bradford England. He rose to fame after release of his hit show DYNAMO: MAGICIAN. He grew up in a violent neighborhood of England. He was brought up by his single mother while his father was constantly behind bars. His grandfather [...]

7 Mind Blowing Mentalism Tricks

   Learn these mentalism tricks and amaze some people ! I bet you are going to love these : As children we love to wow our friends and family with magic tricks they don't know how to do. Presented the right way, even the simplest magic trick can leave your audience with mouths open which [...]

3 Mind Reading Tricks to Inspire Anyone

Of course as a beginner you won’t be able to pull of large stunts like that of Blaine or Criss Angel just yet. However, here are some famous mind tricks that would certainly blow your audiences mind. Bending a spoon with your mind Firstly, is the classic “Bending a spoon with your mind”. Since this [...]

Reading Through the Mind Reader’s Mind

Magic or most commonly known as street or stage magic is a form of art that entertains audiences by staging tricks and illusions with the help of some special effects, speed of light and so on. Oftentimes it doesn’t use any paranormal things but it still appears to the audience as impossible or unnatural with [...]

Balducci Levitation – Debunking the Myth

Balducci Levitation : Levitation? How is this Even Possible? First described by the legendary Ed Balducci, the Balducci levitation or balducci magic is a sophisticated type of magic whereby the subject - in this case - the performer appears to virtually float or sometimes walk ( levitate ) in the air. It is an impromptu [...]

Rub The Coin Into Your Arm- Amazing Coin Sleight

So, the aim of this trick is to make the coin disappear into your arm. You want the audience to believe you rubbed the coin into your skin and then it’s gone, vanished! Very simply, this is best done while sitting down, you are going to rest with your hand facing your head and you [...]