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Normally magicians make use of different objects to perform magic. And I bet you would have never seen a magic without the intervention of small objects. This is because the magic-performing arts by itself is a set of well aligned and well executed trick that makes the common man to believe that the trick performed is super natural. In real words it is not.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Magicians make use of objects such as wand,coins,handkerchief,shiny objects ,cards and many more. In this article I bring you amazing card tricks tutorials that are easy to learn and practice. These cool card tricks are widely performed around the world and has a huge name among the audience and audience would love to see these tricks performed before them. No matter you are performing magic before an old man or a kid they are still going to love it if you do it the way the magicians actually do. Now what do I mean by that ? It’s simple. You are just going to act as if you can control the objects in your hands and you know all there is to it in magic. Just a simple positive mindset can help you gain more fans and audience.

Now we shall see these 10 easy tricks with cards  you can learn today and practice it well and perform it before your friends,family or whoever and get some little fame in your neighbourhood 🙂

Read and watch the video to see how these card magic sleights are being revealed. All our tricks are well explained.

1) 4 kings and 4 Aces 

This easy magic card tricks goes like this. The magician shuffles the deck cuts the deck and does his magic move and there he got 2 cards on each side which are Kings. H does it again and this time he got 4 aces. Cool isn’t it.

Now watch this video where this trick is revealed.

2) Chosen card inside the mouth trick 

This is a really cool and simple card to mouth trick. It involves a spectator to choose any card out of a shuffled deck and it magically appears in your mouth. This is a beginner level trick and you can learn it first before going to the more advanced tricks.

3) Perfect 10 prediction card sleight

This trick only requires a deck of cards and it is one of the easiest magic card trick using sleight of hand ever for rookies.Handover the card to the spectator and ask them to the shuffle the deck. Once they shuffled get the deck back and start taking out 26 cards from behind.

And when you are taking out the cards one by one be sure to remember the seventh card. Lets keep it as EIGHT OF SPADES !After taking out all the 26 cards put them in the bottom of the deck. Now take 3 cards from the top and place it on the table.

Lets keep those 3 cards as 4 of Hearts ,10 of Hearts and 9 of clubs !

Now you need to add cards to these cards which is less than 10 to make upto 10.  For example we need to add 6 more cards to the 4 of Hearts and 1 more card to the 9 of clubs and leave the 10 of hearts as it is because it already has 10.

Now remove the added cards and keep them separately. Now what you are going to do is just add the 3 cards and sum it up . In our case it is 4 OF Hearts , 9 of Clubs and 10 of Hearts. 4+9+10=23.

Now tell your spectator that you can guess the 23rd card in the deck and when you taken out 23 cards you will notice that thew 23rd card will be the 7th card we remembered which is the Eight of Spades !

Watch this video and learn this trick right now ! It’s dang easy.

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4) The famous color changing card 

Trick: 1 pack of 52 cards (no Joker). The magician pull a card example : a king of spades. Put it back on top of the deck, blew one (or tapping), and the king of spades turned into circular king.

The explanation: This magic trick works purely on how one is able to use his fingers properly.

Watch this video to learn this trick thoroughly.

5) The colour changing deck (Chris Angel Card Sleight Revealed)

This simple and amazing  trick works by changing the colour of the deck from blue to red or vice versa. This trick is little tricky because you must perform it very cautiously from the start till end and the spectator should not even doubt for a single second that you are just using one card of a different colour.

Explanation :  Actually when you are showing the deck of cards to the spectator you need to show him only the card which is of a different colour from the rest of the deck. The rest of the deck has a different colour but only you know that. You will do the magical move and say you are applying pressure to the card and changing its colour and boom you changed the colour.

Watch this clip to better understand this trick.

6) How to make a card disappear and reappear 

This trick is pretty simple but one thing to bear in mind is you need to position your spectator in the exact place and also you need a flexible card. Don’t do this trick with a new deck of cards since it will be will stiff.

You are going to make use of your 3 fingers to perform this cool sleight of hand  trick and the way you do it is just by wavering your hand by keeping the card and suddenly the card disappears. And after few seconds it appears back.

Now how is this possible. Well it’s simple , the card did not disappear in the first place. While you shake your hands fastly you simultaneously use your fingers and move the card behind your palm so it appears in such a way that it is disappeared.

The way you need to place your card in between the fingers is better explained in this video.

7) Your name your card 

This trick works by exactly telling the card by spelling your name. But this trick is restricted to names whose spelling is between 2 and 8. The magician shuffles the deck and asks the spectator to choose the card. Once the spectator chooses the card and memorises it,the card is again inserted in the deck somewhere.

Then magician asks his/her name , example : MARK 4 letters. The magician now takes 4 cards as MARK contains 4 letters and removes the card ending in the 4th letter one by one.

Example : M-A-R-K   K – removed.  M-A-R  M-removed. And repeat this until there is only one card and the magician magically brings the card you choose in the first place to be the card that is left.

Awesome isn’t it ? !

Now watch this tutorial video to better understand this trick.


8) Raising card 

You ask your spectator to choose a card. After choosing the card the you put the card back in the deck and you don’t see the card. The deck is placed inside the deck box.Now you ask your spectator to carefully look at the deck and slowly the card chosen by the spectator is raised from the deck of cards and the spectator is blown away by this trick.

Now the way this trick works is by placing the card the spectator chose at the end of the deck and making a nice hole in the deck box so you can slide the last card slowly so it appears as if the card is raising.

Now 2 things you have to bear in mind before you proceed with this trick is that your spectator should never know that your box has a slight hole at the back and also you are keeping the chosen card at the end of the deck.

This trick can easily be perfected and there is nothing complicated here.

9) The 8 and 9 magic

This trick is called 8 and 9 because it deals with cards with the number 8 and 9. For this trick we will make use of 8 of spades 9 of clubs and 8 odf clubs and 9 of spades.

We are going to tell the spectator that we are having 8 and 9 cards and give them the cards and ask them to put the cards anywhere in the deck.

After the spectator puts the card in the deck you ask the spectator to count to 3. Say 1 2  3 and boom the magician takes out your card 8 and 9. The spectator is blown away.

Explanation : Now the way this trick works is by having 2 sets of 8 and 9 cards and 1 set of 8 and 9 clubs and spades that is and another set to the spectator. Now the spectator does not know which 8 and 9 they had and which 8 and 9 you showed after they inserted the 2 cards in the deck.

10 ) The 2 helpers trick 

This trick by the name indicates that we are going to find the card of the spectator with the help of 2 helping cards or detective cards.

Ask the spectator to choose a card and make sure you don’t see it. Once the card is chosen the spectator is going to place the card on the deck and cut the deck one or two times and complete the deck.

You pretend like you are trying to find the card but could not. Now you bring up these 2 new elements and with the help of these 2 helper cards you are going to find the card chosen by the spectator.

Watch this video to find exactly how this trick is done.

We have summarised some of the easy magic card tricks which you can learn if you are starting on magic career!