Of course as a beginner you won’t be able to pull of large stunts like that of Blaine or Criss Angel just yet. However, here are some famous mind tricks that would certainly blow your audiences mind.

Bending a spoon with your mind

Firstly, is the classic “Bending a spoon with your mind”. Since this is a classic trick, there are different ways of doing it and here’s the most common way.

This trick involves sleight of hand. For this trick, you’ll need a spoon that is already bent and exact same spoon which you will only need for its stem part. To start with the trick, you will have to hold the already bent spoon in the part where the stem and the head of the spoon meets. Hold them using your middle finger and your thumb. Hold the straight stem as well so that the audience will see the head of the bent spoon, while hiding its stem behind your middle finger, and the straight stem. Once you are ready to bend the spoon, slowly loosen your grip with the straight stem so that it will fall to behind your me finger, on top of the bent spoon. Now, carefully get the bent spoon whilst hiding the straight stem behind your middle finger by the help of your other hand and draw the audiences’ attention to it. To help familiarize yourself, here’s a video of Magic Secrets Revealed, “Bend a Spoon With the Power of your Mind”.


Turning your $1 bill into a $50

Secondly, another classic trick is turning your $1 bill into a $50. Fortunately, you cannot really turn your $1 to $50 miraculously but here’s how you can amaze your audiences.

For this one, you’ll need a $1 bill and a $50. For the first step, you’ll have to attach an already folded fifty-dollar bill to the one dollar bill. Be careful not to attach the front face of the bill because you’ll have to show it to the audience after. Fold your $1 vertically in half once. Then fold it again vertically, then horizontally. You should be able to see the back of the bill. The one dollar bill will be divided to four. Do fold the $50 the same way as the $1. Now you can attach the $50 to the back of the $1. Now that you have attached the bills, you can now perform the trick.

Spread the $1 bill so that your audience would see it. Be careful not to show the back of the bill. You can hold them on both sides. Next fold it like the way you folded it earlier without covering the fifty-dollar bill attached. Now quickly flip the bill so that the fifty-dollar bill will be in front. Then, unfold it and show your audience how the $1 became $50 in a blink of an eye. Here’s a video that’ll help you make it look more believable.


Trick – 3 Card Monte


For the last trick, you will have to cut a card to a certain shape to do this trick. It is called the Trick – 3 Card Monte. The trick here is you will ask your audience to take note of the card in the middle of the two same cards and after the trick, the audience will realize that the card they have noted is not there.

First step is to cut the card so that it will only show the number, the color and the shape. Attach it to another card. For example, your 3 cards will be queen of hearts, queen of diamonds, and king of hearts. The other card that you’ll cut is the Ace of hearts. Attach the Ace of hearts to the queen of hearts. Put the king under the ace of hearts. Then arrange the cards so that what the audience will see is the Queen of hearts, Ace of hearts and Queen of diamonds. Now, ask the audience to take note of the card in the middle. Place the king of hearts first, face down, and then the two queens on the other side while also flipping the card attached on the queen of hearts. Lastly, ask your audience what was the card in the middle. After his/her answer, show him the card in the middle and collect the two queens and show your audience those cards as well. Here’s Criss Angel to help you with that trick. 3 Card Monte is a classical trick that can impress even the toughest audience. Learn this trick thoroughly and blow some minds.



Aside from these three, there are other mind reading tricks for beginners that will surely help you gain confidence and skill for bigger performances. Just practice them occasionally and who knows, you might be the next Houdini of this generation.


Criss Angel , David Blaine – Know them here 

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