The Power of Four

This is another simple card trick that is great for beginners. It’s another simple move that can wow audiences with very little work. The Power of Four can be performed with little to no set up. First, allow a member of the audience to shuffle the deck. They can shuffle any way they prefer, or as many times as they like. It won’t make a difference to the magic trick. After they are done shuffling, show the audience that all of the cards are in a random order. Split the deck into two piles, and look at the fourth card in one pile. By using basic memory, you can accurately guess what the fourth card will be in the second pile.

Dream of Aces

The Dream of Aces is a legendary magic trick which is best associated with David Copperfield. This is a more advanced move, and it’s suggested that magicians practice for months until they are comfortable performing this trick in front of an audience. When the trick is accurately performed, the magician will be able to shuffle a deck and without looking, expel each Ace out of the deck. Many magicians, including Copperfield, prefer to use double sided tape to pull off the performance. To even explain this trick over text would be difficult. If you are looking to perform this trick, it’s best to watch several tutorials on YouTube to make sure you are accurately pulling off the trick.

Produce Cards out of Thin Air

This is a phenomenal looking trick that is difficult to pull off. But with enough practice, any magician can wow their audiences with this trick. If you watch tutorials online, this trick can look incredibly intimidating. Make sure that the cards are new, and very bendable. The trick involves many different tricks including your fingers. It’s important to master finger dexterity and muscle movement, in addition to the actual card trick. Like the Dream of Aces, this is another trick that will require a visual lesson from tutorials. Once you get the basics down, then it all boils down to practice. Again, this is a trick that could take months to master. But once you pull off this advanced trick, you’ll look like a superstar.

Signed Cards

This is another classic yet easy card trick that might be a little bit easier for beginners. Have a member of your audience pick a card, and sign it. You then place the card in the middle of the deck, but then pull out the signed card from your pocket. How do you pull it off? You’ll need three things.
A deck of cards
A jacket
A pen
After the card is signed, you slip the signed card into your pocket. You do this by hiding the card in your right hand. And the card stays there while you mess around with the deck. You could even end the trick right there, and pull out the signed card. If you want to continue to wow the crowd, you can put it back into the deck of cards. Again, you’d do this by sneaking your hand into the jacket. This trick takes a lot of practice and you shouldn’t perform it unless you are fully comfortable with the full trick. Once you’ve mastered the Signed Cards trick, you can wow even the biggest skeptic.

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