Hello there wana be Magicians !! Want to impress your friends, parents,relatives with Magic Tricks ? ! Not a big deal. In this article you will find 5 easy magic tricks with cards that you can easily implement and perform.

You will only have to train and show dexterity during your presentation.

 These are simple magic tricks you can learn quickly and start your own garage magic show 🙂

 5 Easy Magic Card Tricks

1) Guess the card that will come out of the game

There is nothing surprising and fascinating than guessing the next card to appear and thrilling your audience. We can call them as  mentalism trick you are to your audience and your audience will indeed believe it is a real act of mentalism if you guess the card right !!

How to perform ?

First memorize the card lying in tenth place from the top of the deck. The 10 tile for example.

Ask your spectator to choose a number between 10 and 20. X Count X cards and place the rest on the table and then announce that the card will come out will be the 10 of diamonds.

Ask the spectator to add the two digits of the number X he had chosen. If he had NIOHC 12, 1 + 2 are 3. The map originally announced on 10 tile, is third.

Count three cards and you hit it to the amazement of your viewers.

Here is a demonstration video which will help you understand this trick  better….


2) Find the Chosen Card


This magic card trick works by exactly revealing the card chosen by our spectator. I bet you it’s really cool and damn easy with a little bit of practice.


We shall see how it’s done now :


First store all your cards in the same direction. Then return one below. Introduce the pile of fan cards to your volunteer making sure it does not see any returns.

The volunteer chose the cards. Meanwhile, you return the batch of cards left in your hands, so you have a lot of cards face up except the top one, which will be hidden side because it is the bottom one you had turned out.

Ask your volunteer to put their face down without you watching it.

Then create a distraction time to turn the top card for it to be in the same direction as the others.

Spread then all the cards on the table; the only one who finds himself face is the card of your volunteer. Turn it and bingo!

Here is an improved version and more easy way of doing this trick.Watch this video to learn the trick and blow some your friend’s minds !




3) Name Any Card in the Deck :

This is one extremely easy yet extremely cool magic card trick you can perform today itself and blow the minds of your family and friends.

How it is done ?

You show the deck to your spectator and you tell them that you are gona start pulling the cards one by one until the spectator says the word STOP.

Of Course the deck should be reverse and you should not see the cards. When the spectator says stop you are going to pull the card facing him and just say what card it is. Awesome right !

You can do this trick any number of times and it does not matter in which card the spectator  wants you to stop.

Now watch this video to know how this magic trick works and revealed.



4) How to make  a card disappear :

Is it really possible to make a card disappear from your hands. The magicians say they can they can vanish the card in their hand. Hmm. It sounds too good to be true right ?

This card trick is really simple and it is just based on your hand skills. With some practice you can easily master this trick and make your friends jaw drop.

Well in this video we will just see how this magician vanishes a card and brings it back in his hands.



5) Card Force Trick – Easy trick to learn as a Beginner

This trick is one of the best card tricks if you want to impress someone as a beginner magician. Ok how it works ?

This trick is really simple. The way it works is that whatever card the spectator asks you to stop in a deck….You NAME IT without seeing. Sounds amazing right ?!

Yes……It’s an incredible trick you can learn today and perform. This is called as the Force Card Trick. Actually whatever card the spectator asks you to stop ,you are going to name it correctly.

Because you already know the card you are going to force in the place of the card stopped by your spectator.

Here is a cool video that clearly explains you this awesome yet easy to apply magic trick.



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