Learn some cool coin tricks.

Rub The Coin Into Your Arm- Amazing Coin Sleight

So, the aim of this trick is to make the coin disappear into your arm. You want the audience to believe you rubbed the coin into your skin and then it’s gone, vanished! Very simply, this is best done while sitting down, you are going to rest with your hand facing your head and you [...]

The Instant Stooge – Easy Coin Trick

This one you’ll be kicking yourself for not guessing sooner, it’s dead simple but always a winner. So basically, you start off with a group of people – must always be more than one person – with the coin in your hand. Try and break their shield first with a joke or by doing a [...]

Classic – How To Make A Coin Disappear

Coin magic tricks form the core of close-up magic or table magic. The audience has to be close to see the magic at work and so it is perfect for small audiences or for showing off to friends, family and potential partners. IT is one of the more difficult to master techniques, though some coin [...]

15 Coin Tricks Easy and Mind Blowing

But unlike card sleights and other tricks which uses slightly bigger objects coins are too small and thus magic tricks with coins should be done carefully as there are lots of chances of things going wrong. But don’t take it in a negative way. Everything comes well through proper training and with little hard work coin [...]