Magic Tricks Revealed and Mind Blowing Card Tricks.

David Blaine – Beyond – Greatest Magician Alive

You know people use to jaw drop when he starts performing ? The master illusionist David Blaine never fails to surprise his audience when it comes to unveiling some unthinkable magic illusion tricks. The 43-year-old beats all odds to become the most unimaginable magician of the 21st century. Most if not all of his live [...]

Reading Through the Mind Reader’s Mind

Magic or most commonly known as street or stage magic is a form of art that entertains audiences by staging tricks and illusions with the help of some special effects, speed of light and so on. Oftentimes it doesn’t use any paranormal things but it still appears to the audience as impossible or unnatural with [...]

Teleporting Kings – Card tricks Revealed

The trick is called as such because it requires you to have two mirror copies of the King of Diamonds and the King of Clubs. Nonetheless, it’s also possible for you to do this trick with any card as long as you have two of it. This trick also requires the use of a separate [...]

The Teleporting Card Trick – Learn this Today

This card trick relies heavily on sleight of hand and is almost always able to stun audiences because of the seemingly unbelievable way in which the chosen card would suddenly appear in the performer’s hand. There are no preparations you need to do beforehand, and this trick works on any standard deck of cards. 1. [...]

The Final 3 Easy Card trick Revealed

Card tricks, much like any kind of magic trick, can really wow and boggle anyone’s mind especially if it’s performed with perfect finesse and mastery. Some rely on fluid sleight of hand, while others work naturally through simple mathematics. In most cases, though, the performer is required to memorize and execute certain steps in a [...]

Fun and Simple Magic Tricks You Can Learn in Minutes

Magic tricks can be a great way to entertain guests or perform in front of a crowd to boost your public presentation skills. They are also a great workout for the mind since they help people develop their creative and problem solving skills. If you have ever seen a magic show on television or in [...]

Fun and simple Beginner Card Tricks

The Power of Four This is another simple card trick that is great for beginners. It’s another simple move that can wow audiences with very little work. The Power of Four can be performed with little to no set up. First, allow a member of the audience to shuffle the deck. They can shuffle any [...]

Thrilling Magic Tricks Involving Cards

Have you ever been interested in learning magic? Maybe not the intense illusions like David Blaine does, but how about card tricks? While some tricks look simple, they actually include multiple complex steps. In this guide, we’ll go well beyond making a house out of a deck of cards. Leave the days of 52 pick [...]

Name the Chosen Card -Easy Card Tricks

This card tricks for beginners will help you impress your audience because its more of an done by itself magic, there is nothing more simple and reassuring to start a magic performance with very a simple and completely automatic map turn.This simple card trick works by itself - meaning we just need to do some simple mind [...]

How to do the magic rope trick

  This is a simple rope trick that you can perform anywhere and all you need are some 2 ropes . One should be long and other short. If you are teaching rope tricks for your children or teaching magic for the first time to your kids or someone else ,then this is the perfect [...]