Mentalism Tricks and Mind Reading.

7 Mind Blowing Mentalism Tricks Revealed

I bet you are going to love these  Secrets being Revealed. Read Further. Jaw Dropping Mentalism Secrets Revealed to Public 1--->Mental Shape Projection 2-->Three of Diamonds 3-->Easiest Guess Your Card Trick Ever 4-->Mental Shape Projection 5-->Pick Four Cards from the Bunch 6-->Memorize the First Card 7-->Grey Elephants in Denmark Stand a good 25" from your spectator [...]

3 Mind Reading Tricks to Inspire Anyone

Of course as a beginner you won’t be able to pull of large stunts like that of Blaine or Criss Angel just yet. However, here are some famous mind tricks that would certainly blow your audiences mind. Bending a spoon with your mind Firstly, is the classic “Bending a spoon with your mind”. Since this [...]

Reading Through the Mind Reader’s Mind

Magic or most commonly known as street or stage magic is a form of art that entertains audiences by staging tricks and illusions with the help of some special effects, speed of light and so on. Oftentimes it doesn’t use any paranormal things but it still appears to the audience as impossible or unnatural with [...]

2 Best Mentalism Books For Beginners

The supernatural, the occult, the mysterious and the stupefying all intrigue the human conscience with a magnetic pull that has mesmerized us collectively for millennia. The broad appeal of the mentalism genre is possibly that it manages to position itself just within that grey area of plausibility: 'It's magic, but it's not'. Shows like The [...]

Mentalist – Who are they ? What they DO ?

Mentalist is a person who happens to be executing an art known as mentalism for quite some time. Mentalism is recognized as a form of a performing art which involves the artist to make use of their mental aptness and also the principles which are fundamental to stage magic for offering the impression of psychic [...]

How to Bend A Spoon

Learn Spoon Bending - Trick Revealed    This is one of the oldest magic tricks and to say it is as old as the craft itself. In this article we will see how it is done? Find out how the so called mentalists or mind readers bends a spoon by using the "power of their mind [...]

How to Read Minds – Well Explained

Is it possible to read minds ? Well ,Yes ! We will learn how to read minds by interpreting the movement of the eyes of our subject. "The eyes are the mirror of the soul: enclose our innermost truth." Anonymous. Reading the minds of others is one of the most untold desires of many human beings. How many [...]

5 Awesome Mentalism Tricks You Must Know

It is always thought and believed that one of the most amazing powers to own was to be able to read people's minds. Although it would be likely to become aware of thoughts that someone do not want us to know. Although unfortunately it is not yet possible to have the telepathic powers of Professor [...]

What is Mentalism-Everything You Need to Know

What is Mentalism ? How does it work ? Mentalism as a performing art allows to entertain the audience by confusing tricks such as sessions of hypnosis, telepathy, suggestion requiring mastery of neuro linguistic programming, development of memory and so forth. These illusions are collectively called as Mental Magic. Person who is performing the act [...]