magic coin tricks

But unlike card sleights and other tricks which uses slightly bigger objects coins are too small and thus magic tricks with coins should be done carefully as there are lots of chances of things going wrong.

But don’t take it in a negative way. Everything comes well through proper training and with little hard work coin magic tricks will be a piece of cake.

Always love what you do because only through passion you can accomplish everything perfectly. We will show you these coin magic tricks step by step.

1) How to make a coin disappear from your hand

Well this trick is actually pretty simple and you don’t need to spend hours together in practicing it. Just some 10-15 times of doing it will help you in mastering it.

Things Required:



Explanation : You should sit on one end of the table comfortably and let your spectator sit on the other end. You are going to show the coin to the spectator and slowly drag the coin to your end and raise your hand and swiftly drop your hand on the table.

Boom you can see that the coin is vanished. How! ? Because when you drag the coin towards your end with your hand you should actually drop the coin in your other hand which you are holding below the table. Your spectator will not know this and will think that indeed the coin is disappeared from your hand.

This tricks is of beginner level and  it is recommended to practice these magic coin tricks before you go for advanced tricks.

2) The coin through the table trick


This is an insane coin trick performed by the lapping magic expert Xavier Perret. This trick makes use of lapping technique to vanish lots of objects in your hands.

In this tutorial Xavier shows an awesome trick that you need to think of performing to your friends and relatives and simply blow them away.

3) The coin that disappears under the glass

This simple yet amazing magic coin trick works by making use of a simple paper. Now how this magic works.

Magic : You are going to place a coin and glass on a table. You are going to cover the glass with a round sheet or whatever is available to cover it. Place the glass covered by the sheet on the coin and when you take the sheet from the glass Boom the coin is gone.

Explanation: The important thing here is covering the mouth of the glass with a paper or something similar so it looks exactly as if the mouth of the bottle is placed on the table.

Now covering the glass with a round sheet and then placing it on the top of the coin and taking the sheet back will make it look like the coin is gone. But the coin is there only.

This is a simple neat trick you can perform and the things required are glass (transparent or opaque) ,coin ,table , sheet to cover and a piece of paper similar to the table which should be properly cut in the shape of the glass mouth.

How to make a coin disappear

The Instant Stooge – Easy Coin Trick

Rub The Coin Into Your Arm- Amazing Coin Sleight

4) How to Vanish a Coin Palming it

This magic trick is very easy and really simple to understand by following the steps, but you need practice. These are the step to achieve successfully the magic trick:

  1. You have to put the coin strategically in a point of your palm of the hand, in a way that the coin is trapped by your muscles contracted in your palm.
  2. Show the opposite hand (the hand that doesn’t have the coin) and let drop the coin in the opposite hand by closing both hands naturally.
  3. Once you have the coin in the hand which you have dropped it, you can make a sound or something to give dramatism to the magic trick.

5) Ghost Hand, Coin Trick

This magic trick consists in passing through your hand a coin as if you were a ghost.

  1. You have to place one coin in the thumb clip or thumb crotch (explained in the video below)
  2. Now (with the hand that doesn’t have the coin hidden in your thumb) you have to show the second coin to your friends.
  3. You have to cheat your friends by telling them that you’re looking for a ‘soft spot’ of your hand, that way the coin will pass through your hand.
  4. In the moment you count until three, you will press the coin (the one you showed through your fingers) in the palm of your hand to hide it, and release the coin you already had hidden in your thumb.

6) Make Dance a Coin through your Knuckles

This cool trick needs plenty of practice, but once you have mastered it, you will be the coolest guy in the room.

  1. You have to use a big coin and place it between you thumb and you first finger with your hand closed.
  2. With practice, you will be able to pass that coin to the next finger and keeping you hand closed through your knuckles.
  3. The next step is passing the coin through your knuckles until the last finger of your hand.
  4. Once the coin gets to the last finger (pinkie) you have to put your thumb near to the pinkie and pass the coin to your thumb and set the start position to do it again.

7) Coins Flourish Trick

  1. You have to start with one coin, later with two and so on until reach the 4 coins.
  2. You must practice the exercises and stretch shown in the video.
  3. When you have mastered all the movements with 4 coins, you can proceed with the trick.
  4. By using two-fingers you will pass one coin to each finger.
  5. At the end, you must have 1 coin between each finger.

8) Pinch Coin Vanish Trick

  1. Pinch a coin with your thumb and your first finger, and apply pressure on It to flip It.
  2. You will put some kind of shield, which will hide you the pinched coin with the other hand.
  3. Once you make pressure on the coin and flips, you will use your hand shielding the other to make a kind of illusion of passing the coin to the shield hand.
  4. The audience will think that you took the coin from the initial hand, but you will make some vanishing gestures and open your hand to impress everyone.

9) Tunnel Coin Vanish Trick

  1. One the most impressive tricks are those in which you disappear an object in your hand.
  2. You need a coin and put It in your hand, forming some kind of tunnel with the last finger semi-open.
  3. Push the coin inside the tunnel until the last finger to drop the coin to the opposite hand.
  4. Everyone will think that the coin is in the tunnel hand, and you will show it to everyone in order to impress them with this awesome magic trick.

10) French Drop Coin Trick

  1. Hold a coin with your left hand in pinch position.
  2. Use your right hand to grab the coin (It’s an illusion, you haven’t to grab the coin) but instead, let It drop in the same hand while you grab it.
  3. You coin will be in the same hand, but you will show the right hand (the one which ‘grabbed’ the coin) and show to the audience and leave them with the jaw on the floor.

11) Vanish a Coin and Make it Appear Wherever you Want

  1. Hold a coin with your left hand and make the illusion that you are passing the coin from the left hand to the right hand.
  2. Once you have done the illusion, everyone will think that you have the coin in your right hand (you will have it on your left hand).
  3. Point your body as if you were moving the coin through your body with you hand and make it appear in the left hand (the coin should has been in the left hand all the time).

12) Drop Coin Vanish Magic Trick

  1. You need a coin and hold It at the top between of your thumb, and the top part of the pointer finger in the right hand.
  2. You have to place your left hand just beneath the right hand, and you will make the illusion that it’s falling into the left hand (the coin must fall in the right hand)
  3. Show your audience the left hand (where it’s supposed to be) and impress everyone without a coin in the left hand.

13) Thumb Palm Coin Vanish

  1. You have to hold your coin in a pinch position, with the thumb, first finger and middle finger of your left hand.
  2. You will use your right hand to grab the coin with the thumb palm (between the palm of your hand and your thumb)
  3. The coin will be at the thumb plan, and you will grab the coin once more, but instead with the left hand to make an illusion.

14) Make Appear a Coin from 2 Cards Trick

  1. You need two cards and one coin. Place two card upside down and a coin beneath them.
  2. Show the right card to the audience at the same time you’re holding the coin beneath the card of the left-hand without showing it.
  3. After showing the right hand, return to the initial position and move the coin from one hand to another hand using the cards as an ‘umbrella’, now you have to show the left hand.
  4. After showing both hands, you must place the last card you choose beneath the coin and the first card you show (make some kind of sandwich with the cards and coin).
  5. Do some things like blowing the cards, hitting them with your finger and some crazy distractions, and lastly, leave the coin drops from the middle of both cards.

15) Fist Squeeze Coin Vanish to make it Appear in Anywhere

  1. You need a coin in your right hand and pretend to put It in your left hand (You will have the coin in the right hand)
  2. Show the left hand (where you have pretended to put it)
  3. By having the coin in your right hand, you can palm it and make it appear behind the ear of someone or wherever you want.


Hopefully you’ve gained some insight and understanding into these three simple but fun tricks. Most of these are magic tricks with coins for beginners. Each one is something you can pick up in less than a day, the concept behind is nothing complicated but they are each sure to garner attention and praise from your friends and family.

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