You know people use to jaw drop when he starts performing ?

The master illusionist David Blaine never fails to surprise his audience when it comes to unveiling some unthinkable magic illusion tricks. The 43-year-old beats all odds to become the most unimaginable magician of the 21st century. Most if not all of his live performances if not all including David Blaine street magic, have never failed to unravel freaked-out reactions from the audience present. Through the featured show, Beyond Magic, the world of magic gave David Blaine an identity.

Thus, from defying the laws of gravity to tempting death, nothing beats these two favored David Blaine magic tricks.

1. The Classical catching a Bullet With Your Mouth Magic Trick – David Blaine 

The year was 2009 and Blaine managed to pull a trick not even seen in the Matrix movie. A friend of his fired a straight flying bullet from a rifle and he managed to stop it, not with a bullet vest, but with his mouth. As if the horror was not enough, Blaine dared repeat the same trick with a 22 caliber Rifle. In the course of his training for the magic set, he made use of an elaborate setup to position himself by using a cup, his phone’s front camera, and a string that directly attached itself on the rifle’s trigger. The torment that made the trick transform to something like a horror movie is the excruciatingly long teasing shot that led to Blaine pulling the trigger. He described the experience to something comparable to being punched after walking away with the mouth guard shattered. The MGM Grand Garden Arena stunt off was pre-ambling. An hour before the main show, Blaine had the mouthpiece repaired, but he exclaimed that during the show time the pain amplified. The outcome of the show was a happily tormented crowd with Blaine embracing minor a mouth laceration.

2. The Frog in the Throat Magic Trick – David Blaine 

The magic show by David Blaine was an exceptional performance to celebrities in attendance Drake, Dave Chappelle, Stephen Curry and the rest. Drake became a participant and was asked to think of an animal small enough to fit in his hand. Without waiting for a response, Blaine scribbled up a frog-like animal and then used a champagne flute to regurgitate into it what looked like a tiny amphibian. He then handed Drake his unique creation and surprisingly coughed up another amphibian. The audience still lured by shock and surprise, were forced to check Blaine’s mouth through the collaboration of Drake and Stephen Curry. Blaine then surprised them by coughing up a third amphibian. All that the audience could do was cover their mouth as the performance by Blaine was messing with everyone’s mental sockets. Blaine also went to perform the same trick on David Beckham, but this time he had his mouth shut during the process.

That is David Blaine ladies and gentlemen, the master magician who knows no limit.