Copperfield’s greatest trick explained/ How he did it

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statue of liberty - david copperfield

The world of Magic since it’s beginning, has had many great performers all known for their own personal styles and great tricks. When looking back on some of the world’s greatest magicians one name comes to mind. That name, David Copperfield. Originally Born David Seth Kotkin, on September 16, 1956, Copperfield would only have to live an ordinary life for twelve years before slowly climbing his way into the spotlight. Four years later at the age of sixteen David would take the stage name of David Copperfield, a name used in one of the popular Charles Dickens novels. This is when his career as a magician quickly started to progress from being a small time performer to one that people soon began to recognize, one that was so popularly loved each year he performed more than five hundred times.

A full career later, holding the titles of “Magician of the Millennium’ and “Magician of the Century, he had earned himself twenty one Emmy Awards, and was presented with the very first Hollywood Walk of Fame star ever given to a living magician. His two greatest awards would be argued by many, were his being knighted by the French Government and being awarded with the U.S. Library of Congress Living Legend Award.

But why was he so loved? How did He receive not only loyal fans but some of the greatest awards ever presented to a magician? Many who love the styles and performances of Copperfield will agree that his two most mystifying tricks Would be, his Walking through the great Wall of china and his famous Statue of Liberty disappearance and reappearance act. In 1983 David Copperfield took the stage once more, in front of a live audience using a radar machine, intense bright lighting and a huge Curtain. A helicopter flew above to provide a bird’s eye view of what many call his artist masterpiece.

What the audience sees is a ring of lights placed around our great lady The Statue of Liberty. The helicopter moves directly into the air space above her crown and torch and the curtain is pulled upward between two large towers places on either side of the audiences platform. Than Copperfield makes his way to the radar machine showing that nothing is being picked up as moving in or around the statue. After some magical gestures David then signals the curtains release and ‘wah lah’. The curtain falls and the crowd gasps in shock and awe as it appears as though he has just made one of our Nation’s greatest landmarks vanish into thin air. The bird’s eye view shows nothing of how he has pulled this monumental event off and shows no signs as to where she has gone. He than reverses the trick and brings her back.

This trick shocked the nation. Theories, assumptions, opinions and craze over how he did it swept across the world. Everybody wanted to figure out how he did it and yet nobody was truly able too. So how did he do it? How did he manage to take such a large monument and with some captivating showmanship make hundreds, thousands and possibly millions of people believe he made her momentarily and magically vanish? A true magician never reveals his tricks, but YouTube does! Here are two videos explaining how he approached and presented his Statue of Liberty disappearing act and the answer that many have asked for generations, how it was done.

How Did David Copperfield Make the Statue of Liberty Disappear? EXPLAINED