Magic tricks can be a great way to entertain guests or perform in front of a crowd to boost your public presentation skills. They are also a great workout for the mind since they help people develop their creative and problem solving skills.

If you have ever seen a magic show on television or in person, you may think that these professionals are just too good at what they do and there is no way that you could ever pull off the amazing tricks that they do. Well, that is not necessarily the case! With some simple instruction and a little practice, even you can amaze your friends and family with these incredible magic tricks.

Magic Number

What you will need:

A calculator

Someone from the audience

Ask your volunteer to think of a number between 1 and 100, but ask them not to tell you what that number is. Next, ask them to write that number on a piece of paper and reveal it to the rest of the audience while you cover your eyes or turn away. Once the audience is aware of what the secret number is, you can ask the volunteer to dispose of the paper.

Now you will need to get your calculator out, preferably one with large numbers so that the audience can see your calculations as well. You are going to first announce your age and start by entering that number on the machine. You then need to multiply that number by 2 and then add 5. Next, multiply the result by 50 and then subtract 365.

While keeping the result of that calculation on the screen, hand the calculator to your volunteer and ask them to add their secret number and then add another 115. The resulting number will start with your age and end with their secret number.

Card in the Pocket

What you will need:

A deck of regular playing cards

A magician’s coat (or any jacket that has pockets on the side)

To set this trick up, you will need to pick any two random cards and put them in your coat pocket. Be sure to do this out of the audience’s view. Once you are in front of your audience, you can select one person to assist you with this trick.

First, ask your volunteer to remove any three cards that they would like from the deck without showing you which cards they are. It helps if you fan the cards out and just let them grab three from wherever they would like. Once your assistant has pulled three cards from the deck, you can ask them to show these cards to the audience while you set the remainder of the cards aside.

Next, ask your volunteer to hand you the three cards. You will then fan them out so that they are facing the volunteer and the audience, still out of your view. Next, instruct your volunteer to pick one of these three cards as “their” card. Be sure to point to each card and identify them as “1”, “2” and “3”. Once the volunteer has decided which card they want as their own, ask him to reveal only whether it is card number 1, number 2 or number 3 so that the audience can know which card they selected.

Now you will put all three cards into the same jacket pocket that has the other two cards already in it. Be sure to remember to put the three new cards under the other two. Next you will need to create some kind of story to take up a little time and explain why the cards are in your pocket. Maybe you can explain that the cards are “sorting things out” and that your psychic mental powers will soon reveal the card that they selected.

Next, reach back into your pocket and remove the original two cards that should be on top of the other three. Place these two cards face down in front of you. Add a little more to the story line about how these two cards have separated themselves and left what must be their card behind. You will then reach into your pocket and depending on which card they told the audience earlier (card number 1, 2 or 3), you will grab that single card from your pocket and reveal it to everyone. Love this trick ? See more awesome tricks.

Turn the Wine into Water

What you will need:

2 empty wine glasses

Red food coloring



This is a very simple trick that takes no time to learn. To set the trick up, you will need to first put a few drops of bleach into one of the empty wine glasses. You should do this before you have an audience so that they are unaware of your secret “magical powers”.

Next, pour some clean water into one of the wine glasses. You will then add a few drops of red food coloring into the glass. Explain to your audience that this is the glass of “wine”.

To complete your trick, you will pour the glass of “wine” into the other glass, which looks empty but actually has the few drops of bleach you added earlier. The red “wine” will instantly turn back to water right before your eyes! (** Caution: Always be sure to use these liquids as props only and not to drink either of these glasses!!)

Disappearing Coin

What you will need:

A large coin

You will first need to show the coin to your audience and explain to them that you are going to make it vanish by simply rubbing it into your elbow. Grab the back of your neck with your left hand, leaving your left elbow in front of you. In your right hand, take the coin and place it on your left elbow and cover the coin with your right hand.

Explain to your audience that if you concentrate hard enough, you will be able to make the coin disappear. Begin rubbing the coin into your elbow for a few seconds and then remove your right hand exposing the coin once again and letting it fall to the floor. Then explain that you must not have concentrated hard enough.

Pick the coin up with your left hand and pretend like you are putting it in your right hand. Place your left hand (with the coin in it still) behind your neck again, and with your empty right hand, begin rubbing your elbow again as you did before. This time make sure you “concentrate” hard enough.

While the coin is behind your neck, drop it down the back of your shirt. You will also want to make sure that your shirt is tucked in so that the coin doesn’t fall to the floor behind you this time. Once you have concentrated long enough, remove your right hand to reveal that the coin has mysteriously vanished.

Whether you have an interest in magic tricks because you want to meet new people or because you want to make a career move, some tricks are very easily learned. You should always try to practice your magical skills before you are in front of a live audience. When you add in a little creativity by including a funny story line, you will undoubtedly have a new act that will entertain everyone who watches!  See more tricks using coins here.