Learn Spoon Bending – Trick Revealed 


This is one of the oldest magic tricks and to say it is as old as the craft itself. In this article we will see how it is done? Find out how the so called mentalists or mind readers bends a spoon by using the “power of their mind “!

In this article I will show you how this mentalism trick is revealed !! Learning mentalism is actually exciting as you get to impress lots of people with your mentalism techniques !

How the trick is performed ?

The magician, using one hand, will literally bend a spoon by pressing it through his fingers and breaks it into two halves before the audience and claims he does it by his psychic powers !

The magician chooses the spoon which is good and is not bent in front of the audience so they have no idea of how the magic actually took place. Everyone feels excited once the trick is done. Well its actual mental manipulation and not actually done by any psychic powers.

Explanation of the spoon bending trick : 

Now in order to perform this trick you need a spoon which appears to be straight but actually we are going to slightly cut the spoon with a knife or hacksaw to some extent so when we apply little pressure it breaks !

Now we are going to perform this trick at a comfortable position(say a table placed before us ) and at a small distance from the audience so they don’t have a chance to look at the spoon closely and find out its already been cut 🙂

Now the important thing to bear in mind is the way we position the spoon. It should be carefully positioned between our thumb and the index finger and we have to press the spoon in such a way (so slowly and rhythmically)  it appears as if we are bending the spoon using our mental powers.

Applying too much pressure will suddenly break the spoon as it is already been cut slightly and will ruin the entire performance. So you need to be extra careful while performing this magic trick.

There are many mentalism secrets that are actually tricks unrevealed.

Here is a video revealing this bending spoon trick ! Watch and enjoy !


Tips: When you take up the spoon, hide it well from your viewers in such a way that the spoon appears good and it is not damaged.

Train a bit before presenting this tour to an audience because this trick does not appear complicated but without proper practice or training you cannot perform it perfectly. Magic is all about training hard to perfect a trick so it appears as if you are actually doing magic !

Good luck in your efforts in doing this magic trick.

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