This is a simple rope trick that you can perform anywhere and all you need are some 2 ropes . One should be long and other short. If you are teaching rope tricks for your children or teaching magic for the first time to your kids or someone else ,then this is the perfect trick to start with.

Requirements :

2 Ropes



Now we shall see how this magic rope trick is done.

What’s there in this trick that appears as if magic is performed ? !

Well to be more clear we are going to show the audience  two separate ropes which is tied in the middle together and the so called magic trick part is where we use our magical mantra and turn the 2 ropes into one single rope before the audience !

Steps : 

Step 1 : 
Firstly we have to tie a short rope to a long rope in the middle so it appears to the audience as if 2 separate ropes are knotted together. But we have to be careful while putting the knot so it does not appears as if a separate rope is being used to create a fake knot ! We suggest you do the knotting well before showing to the audience.

rope tricks

You can clearly see the rounded part of the image where the fake knot is being used but appears as if 2 separate ropes are being tied together to the general audience 🙂

Step 2 :

Hide the rope in one hand. Slowly stretch from one end sliding the knot and hide it inside your palm. The knot has disappeared. Distract the audience meanwhile using some fancy words so they don’t focus on the fake knot.

Things to keep in mind : 

Make sure you use two ropes of same colour and width so that it is easy to manipulate the knot. While making the fake knot be extra cautious on tieing it lightly so you can easily remove it without much hassle.

Make sure you practice a few times before performing this magic trick and you have the proper ropes before you start the performance.

Here is a nice little video that clearly shows how this trick is done. Watch and Enjoy !

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