Walking on broken glass -how to succeed in the impossible

Unexplained phenomena with a touch of the supernatural have always been attractive and scary for men and women. Gifted individuals manage to create the illusion of possessing magical powers. The most gifted among them have built amazing careers.

One of the most wanted magic tricks is the trick of walking on glass. Many people wonder how it is possible to walk on the glass, and not end up with pain. Most people think that something like this impossible, but on the other hand, these tricks are performed successfully all over the globe. Unlike levitating tricks , the risk factors involved in this trick is little high.

Certainly one of the most famous magicians who performs this trick is Dynamo. Many of his tricks are revealed, but now we will in the next paragraph explain how to prepare if you want to become a magician, and you want to perform this magic trick.

It takes a lot of preparation, hard work and faith, but with dedication, you will succeed in its intent.

Behind every successful magician stands tremendous work, commitment to work, so if you have a goal, you will succeed in achieving it. Just do not give up.

Here are some tips on how to perform a magic trick of walking on glass.

Anyone who has ever seen someone walking over broken glass knows it’s dangerous. You can hear the creaking of glass underfoot, and you wonder does performer feels some pain. What people do not know is that not only performer is not hurt, he’s probably feeling very comfortable. The trick is to know how to fool observers into thinking that magician is walking barefoot on broken glass. There is the type of fake sugar called glass window that you can use to create the illusion to that you are walking over broken glass. The material looks like real glass, but it is made of sugar and tears apart much easier than ordinary glass.

There are products on the market that are designed to toughen the skin, which can help to protect your feet from cuts.

It is essential to choose the right kind of glass. When you walk on broken glass, the type of glass which you use is very important. You want to choose a thicker glass as if comes from wine bottles Unlike ordinary glasses, which are much thinner and have sharper edges.

Prepare the surface. Choose a surface that is flexible, such as sand or gravel, and then create a thick layer of glass on top. When you walk on broken glass, pieces will move under you, what reduces the chance of getting cut.

You should make easy steps. When walking on broken glass, you should walk slowly. If you feel a sharp part, reposition your foot to avoid getting hurt.