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Let’s be honest, how interesting and social killing it is to do a magic trick in front of your peers? If that scenario hasn’t happened to you, you must know that a magic trick is a killing action that can trigger lots of empathy towards you. It’s not a secret a person who knows how to do magic trick grabs lots of friends everywhere.If you cannot believe it, trust me, this a definitely kickass method to be a real popular guy, just by learning some easy magic tricks.

‘Magic’ is a term a little bit manipulated, let’s called illusionism. Right now, you know that magic doesn’t exists, but four you audience or viewers have to believe that magic exists so don’t tell them what I just said to you. There’re plenty of tutorials, videos and even blogs that will teach you how to do magic tricks, but a few of them or probably none, have explained simply and easy to understand and this overwhelms too many people.

However, in this article we will explain how to do magic tricks that are easy, striking and simple to do with commons objects. Humans are really social, and we are attracted to social meetings so improve and practices your skills won’t be that difficult by offering them with a free exhibition.

Also children love magic and there are many tricks especially developed for children that you can read here.

The French Drop Coin Vanish

This is a simple and easy magic trick, in which you only need practice. You can do this magic coin trick everywhere, with just a coin, and of course with someone to do the trick.

This magic trick works by making a coin vanish on your hands and make it reappear or appear in any desirable place, it’s really easy to do and we are going to show you how:

  1. Place a coin between your thumb and the first two finger of your right hand.
  2. Use the left hand and pretend that you’re grabbing the coin with the thumb coming in under the coin. Immediately put your four fingers over the top of the coin.
  3. When you’re closing your left hand over the coin you must begin to close over the coin, immediately drop in into the palm of the opposite hand. You have to turn your right hand over as you’re squeezing your left hand and drawing it away.
  4. Bring your right hand with the coin to your leg or any place and keep moving the left hand that it’s supposed to have the coin away up towards your face.
  5. Finally, prepare to impress your friend by revealing your empty hand.
  6. Optional: You can make it reappear by palming the coin in your right hand and showing it in another place.

Watch this video to practice it and impress your friends !!


How to do Spelling Card Trick

In this particular topic you will learn how to do magic card tricks. This is a simple concept and can be learned and mastered easily.

Magician: So you guys know that there’s nothing more magical than the written word, right. Well, I’ve got 13 cards here, ace through king, and we’re going to try to find each of those cards using only its name. We’ll even shuffle them up a little bit. Good?

Now, what’s the first card in that order? Ace, I suppose? Yeah? Let’s hope this works. A-C-E. I guess the next one’s two. T-W-O. Anybody know what comes after two?

Volunteer: Three.

Magician : Three. That’s right. T-H-R-E, what’s the next letter? E?

Volunteer: E.

Magician : That’s right. E. F-O-U-R. F-I-V-E. S-I-X. S-E-V-E-N. E-I-G-H-T. N-I-N-E. T-E-N. J-A-C-K. Q-U-E-E-N. And, of course, K-I-N-G. And that’s the world’s greatest spelling trick.

Now, we’re going to show you guys how that one’s done. Here’s how this one works. It’s actually what we call a self-working trick, because it functions using a mnemonic device. I’m going to teach you the mnemonic device right now. It’s a really simple one. In the year 387, right, 3, 8, 7, there was a queen, and she was 64 years old. Now, this queen, she had 2 sons, so she had 2 sons named Jack and Kevin, in the year 1095. That right there is the order, and that’s how you’re going to always remember what order these cards go in.

You’re probably wondering, because I was shuffling them up at the beginning, how did I do that. Actually, it’s a really easy thing to do, because all I did was the overhand shuffle, but I controlled each card. So, once more, the order is really simple. In the year 387 there was a queen, she was 64 years old, and she had 2 sons named Jack and Kevin in the year 1095.

That’s the order for these cards. It’s super easy to remember once you memorize that little story there. Then the trick basically does itself.

And that’s the spelling trick revealed. Hope you guys enjoyed this easy card trick.




How to Do the Mind Blowing Math Card Trick

Learn how to do  card magic tricks from Magician Roger “Rogue” Quan.

This trick goes like this : the magician asks the volunteer to say a number between 10 and 20. The volunteer says 18.Now the magician takes out 18 cards from the deck. Adds 1+8=9 and asks the volunteer to take the 9th card from the 18 cards.Ask the volunteer to memorise it and of course not show it to the magician.

The magician now reads the mind of the volunteer and exactly guesses the card. “THREE OF CLUBS”.

Simply awesome right ! the audience and volunteer are just stunned and once again the magician won everyone’s hearts by this mind blowing yet easy to do magic card trick.

Watch this video to learn this trick and blow some minds !!

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