levitation trick

The most amazing and unforgettable magic tricks are those in which certain objects seems to levitate. It’s possible, and you will be the coolest guy in the place. These tricks are really easy, but as any magic trick, the key to success is practice to make the movements naturally.

A levitation trick is basically put something in the air, and make everyone think that it’s flying. However, things don’t fly, and you will be a levitator expert by practicing and doing the next magic tricks. See balducci levitation here.


How to Levitate a Piece of Paper with a Straw

This magic trick consists of putting the negative and positive magnetic fields at your side. Many people get overwhelmed when they hear those scientific words, but trust me, it’s really easy to do and learn.

For the magic trick, you will need a straw.

  1. Tear off the top piece of the paper in the straw, to let the bottom sleeve to slide easily through the straw.
  2. By moving the paper from up to the bottom several times, you will create a static charge, which is the most important step in the magic trick (It’s extremely important to never touch the straw, just the bundle).
  3. After you have moved the paper or the bundle, You have to take it off from the straw really quick (You cannot touch the straw directly)
  4. Put some paper or bundle at the table and use the straw to attract it with the static charge.

If you put the paper in the palm of your hand, the paper will jump from your hand to the straw, and will stick with it.

Levitate a Dollar Bill with Two Straws

In case that a piece of paper hasn’t been enough, you can easily increase the difficulty of the trick to impress everyone. This time, we are going to use two straws, but with the same static charge principle, so it’s going to be quite similar to the levitation trick explained above.

  1. Tear off the top pieces of paper of two straws, to let the bottom of both sleeves to slide easily through the straws.
  2. By shaking the paper down and up several times, you will create a static charge which is the secret of the levitation magic trick itself.
  3. Once you have slipped the straws at least 3 times, you must use your hands instead of the straws because you’re charged positively.
  4. Put the dollar bill (before starting the trick) just at the edge of the table with the half on the table and the other half in the air out of the table.
  5. Take the dollar bill with the middle finger of both hands just at the middle of the dollar bill with just two fingers.
  6. Use your positive charge to make levitate that dollar bill!

This trick is really easy, but you have to be aware that you must never touch anything while you have slipped the straw, directly take the dollar bill and make it fly.

How to Levitate a Dollar Bill without a Straw

How to Levitate a Dollar Bill without a Straw.

Carrying two straws is not convenient, but this magic trick is even cooler because you only need a coin. In addition, this levitation trick is better because it’s more common and convenient to carry a coin with you.

This levitation trick is pretty easy to learn and practice, any beginner can make this trick literally in 5 minutes.

  1. First of all, you need a coin and a dollar bill.
  2. Hide a coin behind the dollar bill. Show your dollar bill, but switch the coin position hand to hand while you’re doing it because no one has to know that there is a coin.
  3. Once everyone has seen that there is nothing in your hands and in the dollar bill, start to fold the dollar bill with the coin inside in one corner.
  4. With the Dollar bill already folded, you have to practice the balance you need to make the illusion of levitation, by placing the dollar bill with a coin inside in your thumb and the rest of the dollar bill in the air.

Levitating Card Trick

  1. Cards are amazing, you can make hundreds and hundreds of tricks of different kinds. This time, we are going to teach how to levitate a card to blowing everyone minds.
  2. You just need an invisible string (transparent one), and tie it to the middle of the card, making a really little hole to pass through the card.
  3. You have to practice a lot because the movement of the card is really hard to predict. However, once you master it you will be able to let some jaws on the floor.
  4. The trick must be done at least 3-5 meter from the audience, then you’re preventing your magic trick to be revealed in front of a group of people.

 Levitating a Card Trick without a String

This trick is the most difficult one due to its complexity, but it’s really easy to do, and even a beginner can do it. However, the best tip that an expert magician will tell you is practice, practice a lot because the more you practice, your movement will look natural.

  1. You need to have a card deck, and you will ask to the audience to select any particular card they want, it doesn’t matter which one they choose.
  2. Put the card back to the deck, but putting your pinky finger just above the card selected by the audience. Put the pinky finger just to identify the card selected, but not put your entire finger above, it has to pass through unnoted.
  3. Shuffle the deck until the selected card is the first card of the deck.
  4. Once the card is on top, put the faces of the cards towards the audience, in between the fingers and the thumb on the long sides.
  5. Rub your first finger with your shirt or pants, and charge it with some static.
  6. Try to lift the card with static several times to put some dramatism to the act.
  7. The key to the magic trick is to use your pinky finger to lift the card using the first finger to cheat the audience, for that reason, it’s really important to keep the deck always towards the audience.

As you can tell, every trick mentioned above are incredibly easy to do, the secret is the practice. In fact, with practice, you will make all your movement look natural, and you will make fewer mistakes, You wouldn’t like to make mistakes in front of a group of people, don’t You?

If you have doubts or any inconvenience with the steps, you don’t have to stress out because in the links above of every trick you can find a YouTube video from experts who will give you the best tips and secret to making every trick flawlessly.

Something is sure, you will blow your peer’s mind with these incredible levitation magic tricks.