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Not every Las Vegas show is family friendly. There are some shows that are suitable for families and guaranteed to please everybody. These are some of the numerous Las Vegas magic shows featured around this beautiful city. Such shows feature different exceptional acts of magic from several noted figures in the industry.

David Copperfield was renowned for being one of the most amazing illusionists in the world that successfully flown on TV and even made Statue of Liberty disappear on televisions. Currently, he has ongoing shows at Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand. His show features every sort of unbelievable magical illusion like his popular levitation tricks. His successes are renowned. In fact, he got a start on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

One of the famous shows for family entertainment in Las Vegas is that of the ongoing shows of Lance Burton. For more than a decade, he has amazed families and other general audiences at his Lance Burton Theater at Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. Burton’s known disappearing tricks, contagious charm, and live bird stunts are extremely popular. He even invites some kids on stage to help with different magic tricks.

Criss Angel was inspired by Harry Houdini, a legendary magician, for his death-defying illusions and tricks. He even has a television show. “Believe” was his TV show and plays at Luxor Theater at Luxor Resort and operated by Cirque du Soleil. His avant-garde style of magic and amazing stunts including standing in the metal cage with tons of volts of electricity is amazing and unique to see.

The Xtreme Magic show of Dirk Arthur at Tiffany Theater in Tropicana is another famous Las Vegas magic show to check out when you are with your family. He’s popular for his stunt, in which he shoots on assistance from the cannon and the individual appears magically at another area of the theater. He’s also renowned for Jodie, his Siberian white tiger, who takes part in every sort of stunts.

Planet Hollywood’s V Theater has its own show in “Scarlett: The Princess of Magic”. In this show, Scarlett will do some tricks like sudden costume changes and disappearing tricks. One of the famous acts is the vertical box illusion that features a vertical box once owned by Harry Blackstone Jr, a legendary magician. Scarlett’s cool magic tricks have led her to get a Merlin Award from International Magicians Society.

In terms of family entertainment in Las Vegas, there’s nothing more fun and exciting than watching different magic shows in Las Vegas. Whether you want to have fun or enjoy your vacation, Las Vegas magic shows will amaze you and will definitely give you a memorable experience. From legendary magicians like David Copperfield to new magicians like Scarlett and Criss Angel, their shows feature countless of cool tricks. So, spend your free time watching their shows and discover the difference of watching magicians performing many tricks that you only see on TVs. Watch them live and don’t miss to catch any Las Vegas magic show.