kid performing magicAre you organizing a birthday party for your child and you do not have the means to hire a magician for entertainment?

Do not panic, you will be the magician and in this article you will find easy magic tricks for children .To make it more magical  the performer  need a good disguise and some good staging.

Here are some cool magic tricks you can show to your kids and impress them. Children love Magic and your child will have the best birthday ever if you can show him/her some really amazing tricks.


1)  How to tell the age of a person ?

This magic trick uses basic mathematics to an . If you do well, children will be amazed and will replicate this trick to their friends at school.

For this you need: paper and pencil

How to proceed ?

Ask a volunteer to participate in this round. Give him the paper and pencil and ask him to do a small operation:

write their age
multiply by 3
add 6
divide by 3

Then the person will give you the result you remove and 2 of this number. And here, you get her age.

Suppose their age is 7 multiply by 3 gives you 21 + 6 gives 27 divided by 3 gives you 9 subtracted by 2 gives 7 Their age !!

This trick is for children old enough to do these operations alone or with the help of parents.

2) Magic Candles

magic tricks for kids colour candles
This trick does not require any prior preparation. It is very easy to achieve and children can easily learn this trick.

To do this trick, you will need:

3 candles of the same size but different colors. 3 is just an example and you can use any number of candles.

How should we proceed ?

Give children the candles and turn their backs. Ask them to give you the candles one by one for you to guess the color. Take the candle in your back with 2 hands, turn around to the children always hands behind the back with the candle and call the shots. Repeat with the other candles.

How it works ?

When you plug the hands, scrape with the nail candle and  look at the color of the wax under your fingernail without the children watching you.

It’s simple and the kids will be impressed 🙂

 3) Foam Ball Magic Trick

foam ball magic

This trick uses 2 foam balls and the way this trick works is that you have 2 foam balls one at your left hand and one at your right hand. You hold these balls in your hand and bring the 2 balls in the same hand without the audience realising how you did it.

Since foam balls are really spongy and can be easily pressed you can use this object of magic to show some really cool trick to your kids and astonish them.

Here is a video showing how it is done exactly. We usually add a video to these easy magic tricks for kids in order to understand how it works visually !

Enjoy the video !



4) How to pierce a balloon without popping it ?

The list of things you need to perform this trick are:

some balloons elongated (preferable)

a knitting needle thin and long and

dishwashing liquid.
You can also take a kebab skewer if you have no knitting needle.

How should we proceed ?

Announce that you are going to pierce a balloon without bursting it. You can ask a child to try first and everyone
will see that the balloon bursts.

Your turn now. At each end of the ball, where the color is darker, the pressure is less than elsewhere.
So you can pass the needle without breaking the balloon at that point. Apply dishwashing liquid before so the needle can pass more easily.

How it works ?

As the pressure at the ends is lower, the needle can pass without the air
being escaped and the ball closes around the needle.

If you prick in the middle, where the pressure is high, the balloon would burst forth.

Watch this video to better understand how it works


5) The Impossible Knot 

This trick is so simple that you do not need to go through hours of practice sessions before performing.

Requirement:  piece of rope

How should we proceed ?

Give the rope to a volunteer and ask him to hold one end in each hand. Tell him to tie a knot without letting go of hands.

The guinea pig will try and will not succeed. Come now to show that it is possible.

Cross your arms before taking the ends of the rope in each hand. Then uncross your arms without letting go of the rope. The node will be alone. It is magic !

Watch this video to better understand this trick.

Now you are ready for a magical birthday party and impress the children our most valued possessions. If you loved these magic tricks for kids feel free to share it.

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