legendary magic tricks revealed

Magic is an art which full of mysteries. We often think that the magicians who perform on stages have super natural powers because we see them do extra ordinary things that really impress everyone.

But in real they are normal people like us and they don’t  have any super powers. Every magic performed on stage is a well-planned deceiving that will make everyone believe that the actions performed is indeed super natural.

If you spend some time in actually understanding the concept of every magic performed you will indeed realize it is a well planned and professionally executed trick.

Hey wait ! I bet you will be amazed to see these legendary tricks being revealed :


Let us see some of the greatest magic tricks revealed to the public

1) The man cut in half

We might often see this magic in David Copperfield Shows where we see him cutting a man in half with a round saw and joining his body again before the audience and makes everyone stunned.

Now this seems too good to be true ! Isn’t it ? Well it is not true actually. The man is not cut into halves by the saw. Actually they are 2 different persons used in this magic trick.

man cut in halves magic

It looks pretty insane right ? ! Well the next picture clears all your doubts !

magic tricks revealed finally

You can clearly see there are 2 different persons used in this trick and they are well placed in such a way that it is nearly impossible to find out the difference.

Here is a video showing how it is done.

2) The levitation Magic Trick Revealed

We would sometimes see people literally sitting in thin air. They seem to be floating or levitating in the air without any support.

People see it with excitement and wonder and ask inside how he does that.

Well actually we have to see him first in the morning when he arrives and sets up his tricky supporting bar where he can sit comfortably and makes everyone believe that he is actually levitating.

This levitating culture is widely spread among all amateur magicians who just do it for the sake of impressing others also to make some money with this performance.

levitation magic trick revealed


Watch this interesting video to find the truth behind this trick.



3) Floating Objects trick

Unlike the previous magic tricks revealed which shows as if the person is flying, this little trick is used to levitate small objects for a few seconds.

Now this  magic is done by applying a concept called electrostatic force of attraction which when applied properly will do its wonders.



By applying electrostatic force you can able to levitate small objects and makes it look like as if the objects are flying and you are in control of the that and impress your audience.

Watch this video to find out how it is actually done and you can do it too.


There are tons of other easy magic tricks which are revealed to the public like these and the magic industry is evolving everyday to bring in new magical concepts and ideas to impress the audience.

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