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Jaw Dropping Mentalism Secrets Revealed to Public

1—>Mental Shape Projection

2–>Three of Diamonds

3–>Easiest Guess Your Card Trick Ever

4–>Mental Shape Projection

5–>Pick Four Cards from the Bunch

6–>Memorize the First Card

7–>Grey Elephants in Denmark

Stand a good 25″ from your spectator to create a functional atmosphere. Start by telling them to picture a screen and counter this by drawing a square screen between you. Next you’ll ask them to imagine another shape while emphasizing that it should be like a square, but not a square. As you say this you’ll hold out your hands to form a triangle but in such a way that it may be misinterpreted as just a lazy square. Next ask them to put another shape around the first, while doing this you draw a circle inside the screen but you do not draw a full circle which would be too obvious. This imprints the idea of a triangle inside a circle without them realizing what you are doing.


Three of Diamonds

This is similar to the previous trick because you’ll be projecting the shape and number to the spectator with simple gestures. Ask them to think which card you have in your pocket which will be the 3 of Diamonds. Next form a diamond with your hands while talking about a screen so they don’t realize what you’re doing. Then you mention a number, putting emphasis on saying “Low down” in the corner. After this you’ll ask them to picture the dots on the card while making three impressions with your hand to lead them to the number 3.

Easiest Guess Your Card Trick Ever

After shuffling the deck, have a look at the bottom card. Take bunches of cards from the top until the spectator says stop. You will then lift up the remaining cards and show them the card right at the bottom which is the same card that was at the bottom initially. You can then guess what their card is.

Pick Four Cards from the Bunch

Check which card is at the bottom of the pack and then spread the cards across the table, keeping track of where the bottom card is. In the case of this video it’s the 6 of Hearts. Then ask the spectator to pick out the 6 of Hearts. When they pick a card, you check to see what they picked, in this case it was the 7 of Hearts which is what you’ll ask them to pick out next. Do this once more, checking which card they picked and then asking them to pick out that card. When they’ve picked a third card you once again check what it is and then tell them that you’ll pick out that card. What you’re actually doing is picking up the 6 of Hearts because you know where it is on the table.

Memorize the First Card

Start by looking away from your spectator and have them choose a card in their minds and then deal the cards one by one while calling out which cards they see. All you need to do is to memorize the first card in the deck. Ask them if they’re dealing the cards from face down to face up, when they answer yes you tell them to assemble the deck again, flip it over and find their card. Use misdirection by asking them if it’s sandwiched between two red cards, this is actually irrelevant. Have them remove their card, take a few moments to focus on the card then add it on the top of the deck and cut the deck once. They can then deal the cards from the bottom of the deck and call them out as they do, as soon as they call out the card which you remember was initially first in the deck, you’ll know the next one is their card.

Grey Elephants in Denmark

Ask your spectator to choose a number between 1 and 10, then to multiply it by 9 and add the two digits of their new number. After this they need to subtract 5. What they don’t realize is that they will end up with 4 regardless of which number they’ve selected initially. Next ask the spectator to relate the number to a letter, A equalling 1, B equalling 2, etc. They will thus have D as their letter. Next they have to pick a country starting with that letter. Now, have them move on to the next letter which will be E and have them pick an animal that starts with that letter, also have them think of the colour of the animal. Now you will ask them why they’re thinking of grey elephants in Denmark. While this trick doesn’t always work, chances are good because there are very few well known countries that start with D and just as few animals that start with E, Denmark and Elephant are the go-to options for most people in this regard.

Double Sided Tape

Write the word NO on the back of all the cards in a deck with the exception of one which has YES written on it. The card with Yes on the back will be the front card on the deck and will have a piece of double sided tape on it which you’ll need to conceal as you do the trick. Have the spectator pick a card, then change their mind a few times and pick other cards each time. Once you’ve done this a few times they can tell you which card they picked and you’ll remove it and put it on the front. Press down on it so it sticks to the card with YES written on the back so that when you flip it over it looks like you wrote YES on the back of the card they picked and NO on all the others.

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