mentalism tricksIt is always thought and believed that one of the most amazing powers to own was to be able to read people’s minds. Although it would be likely to become aware of thoughts that someone do not want us to know.

Although unfortunately it is not yet possible to have the telepathic powers of Professor Xavier of X-men, there are people capable of surprising with similar skills. When you meet someone for the first time they demonstrate to be able to decipher the personality, read his thoughts and learn about events in their past history.

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These people are not equipped with supernatural powers but are simply using some sophisticated psychological techniques to extract information from people without them speaking and revealing it out on their own.

Mind reading/Mentalism is indeed a fascinating skill to be developed and takes a good amount of time to master. It is not always inborn and one must take enough efforts to make oneself good at reading minds. We will also see how to perform mentalism when we are just getting started.

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In this brief post I take all the efforts to reveal you some of the mentalism tricks that are available to read minds.

5 Mentalism Tricks to read minds 

Here is a set of techniques used by the most famous mentalists in the world. These mentalist tricks form the basis of all the advanced techniques of this beautiful art.

1) Cold Reading or calibration

One of the key skills you must possess as mentalist is cold reading. This is the basis of every mentalism action performed.

Cold reading  is a mind-reading technique that serves to elicit much information as possible about a person you do not know. This process begins with careful observation of the person in front of you in order to build an initial profile.

A good cold reader can quickly access many information on the subject by simply analyzing his body language, his clothing, identification of his age, level of education, etc.

To be a good observer and improve your cold reading skills, you must be able to read the subtle non-verbal communication signals and communication para. In this regard you should develop your observational skills by reading the article on calibration.

2) Warm Reading and Barnum Statement

This technique is called “warm reading”. In this phase we are made of general statements that are usually linked to certain traits psychologists of the subject and that may be true for many people, something like the horoscope.

It ‘important to remember that people are the subjects of common interest which fall into three general categories: romantic relationships, money and health. The mentalist must be able to identify if the subject of the concerns in any of these three areas and then narrow it down and understand the nature of the concerns.

Based on the emotional reactions of the subject to the claims, the mentalist will quickly abandon those that do not resonate with the subject and deepen those that are of interest in him.

These generalizations are called Barnum Statement, such as: “sometimes you feel insecure, especially when you do not know the people engaging with you “; or “in the past you have had problems with a friend or relative”.

This technique works by the famous Barnum Effect.

3) Forer effect and astrological profiles

The Forer effect (or Barnum effect) is a phenomenon that shows how to understand people with information about their psychological profile, without realizing that it is the vague and general information that could be attributed to different people.

In 1948, psychologist Bertram R. Forer subjected his students to a personality test drawn up by him. At the end of the exam he gave them each an analysis of personality which made the test result.

He then asked the students of what this results would fit themselves on a scale from 0 (very poor) to 5 (excellent). The average was 4.25.

Only at the end Forer revealed to the students that all had been delivered the same psychological profile which stated

“You need that others appreciate and esteem you but you have a tendency to be critical of yourself. Despite having some weaknesses in character, you’re generally able to remedy it. You have a lot of unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. Disciplined and controlled outside, you tend to be worried and insecure inside. Sometimes he has serious doubts that if he made the right decision or done the right thing.

You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and you feel dissatisfied if forced to restrictions and limitations. It boasts of being independent in your ideas and not to accept the opinions of others without proof that satisfies you. But you found out that it is unwise to be too frank in revealing to others. Sometimes you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times introverted, wary and reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be unrealistic.”

4) The Stratagem of the Rainbow

The “rainbow ruse” is a technique similar to that of Barnum Statement.

It starts saying something very large on a personality trait (one side of the rainbow), then you go on to say the opposite thing (the other side of the rainbow). One of the two parts of the rainbow will apply best to you. Strangely people tend to discard the part that does not apply to them and to focus on the other. The mentalists are well aware of this tendency of the human mind and exploit it to their advantage.

Some examples of rainbow ruse:

“Usually you are a person calm and positive, but there have been times in the past when you were very upset”

“Most of the time you’re shy and quiet but when you’re in a good mood, you can become the life of the party”

5) Shoot into the pile with the shotgunning Smile

Cacciatore La shotgunning technique is so called because in a way similar to a shotgun (shotgun) fires a cluster of dots with the hope that some of these go to sign. It is to give a certain amount of plausible generic information in the hope that some of them coincide with some experience of the party’s life.

By calibrating the reactions that the person has towards what the mentalist is saying, he will note which of the statements are correct so they can then focus on these.

Here are some examples of general statements used for shotgunning:

I perceive a male figure in your life with whom, although there has been some conflict in the past, there is an emotional bond.

I perceive a health problem in a father figure in your family, perhaps your father, your grandfather, a cousin, an uncle …

Because of the psychological phenomenon called “selective reporting”, the wrong statements tend to be ignored in favor of the correct ones that provoke a greater emotional impact.

Moreover, to avoid embarrassing failures typically they are chosen statements that are not too improbable but which may be true for many people.


Derren Brown’s Tricks

Derren Brown is a famous English illusionist and mentalist . Became famous in 2000 with a television series called Mind Control may possibly be considered “the father of modern mentalism“. The  tricks performed by Derren Brown is really phenomenal and one cannot literally have a clue of how he performs such mind blowing mentalism when they are with him as a spectator !

The techniques shown in “Mind Control” and “Trick of the Mind” come primarily from traditional magic tricks, NLP and hypnosis.

Derren has fused these techniques and has become an excellent reader of the mind. Here in this regard a trick he used.

Divining Memory

This technique usually consists of asking the person to think of 3 different memories:

I remember an old friend

I remember a song

a painful memory, such as when you broke something

When Derren asked to answer these questions observes a well-known parameter by piennellisti, what eyepiece access. If you read the article on body language, you know what I mean.

old friend – remembered visual

music – auditory remembered

painful memory – kinesthetic

Derren is therefore able to say in all probability what they’re thinking by looking mainly at their eye movements.

Watch this freaking awesome video to get some inspiration on mind reading and mentalism techniques.

Derren Brown wields his powers of perception and mind manipulation over the unsuspecting and the sceptical.





Conclusion :


Mentalism tricks and mind reading  are not only for entertainment purpose but also they can be used to enrich one’s lives.

If used in an ethical and appropriate manner, some of the techniques listed in this article provide the ability to capture aspects of the lives of other people who are generally ignored, to deeply know them, listening to them and giving it the kind of attention that usually do not receive .

And also you’ll see if these techniques will slowly impact you and others around you.


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