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Is it possible to read minds ? Well ,Yes ! We will learn how to read minds by interpreting the movement of the eyes of our subject.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul: enclose our innermost truth.”


Reading the minds of others is one of the most untold desires of many human beings. How many times have you asked yourself : ” I wonder what he’s thinking right now? “, ” Is Simeon lying to me? “, ” How will I know what is going through his mind .” And if I told you that you can?

Imagine being able to instantly perceive or read the thoughts and mood of those around you by just looking at their face : a “superpower” of this kind would make it much easier to work, relationships and life in general than any of us. Well, this “superpower” is something real and can be learned with practice …

3 Awesome Mind Reading Tricks to Make Anyone Go Wild !

In this article we will discover the secret techniques used by the most famous mentalists to reading minds . I see you’ve caught your curiosity: I can see it in thought … 😉

Want to know how to read Someone’s minds? Learn Body Language First

It’s an old saying that there exists a close relationship between the mind and  body . Mind reading is indeed an art started and developed from the ancient civilisations.If our body is well, our mind is also well. At the same time, what we think has an immediate impact on our physiological parameters. This means that if we want to learn mind reading tricks we must first be able to correctly interpret the signals of the body, or the body language .

Our body is a metaphor of our mind. The position of head and neck, the movements of the shoulders and arms, the inclination of our lips, the position of our feet, the hand gestures, but above all … the direction of our eyes can detect a lot of information on our thoughts and our moods . In the following sections we will focus on their eye movements and how to interpret them to guess what you’re thinking who is before us.What do you say, there .. let’s take a look on some of these ! How to read minds through interpretation of eyes !

How to interpret the movement of the eyes

Always the eyes are considered the mirror of the soul ; It is an undeniable fact that a simple look can communicate a thousand words. Yet it is difficult to interpret these intuitions: to do so we would need a ” dictionary of the look “.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), have tried to create this “gaze dictionary” using so-called  Eye Accessing Cues (EAC – sign at the entrance to eyes). According to the theory of Bandler and Grinder you can imagine if our interlocutor is thinking to a ‘ picture , a sound or a’ emotion , simply by observing the direction of the gaze. In the chart below you I have reported the main EAC:

eye accessing cues

    • Eyes on the upper right According to the theory of the EAC if our interlocutor turns his eyes at the top right (to our right) probably is recalling an image .
    • Eyes at the top left. In the event that the direction of the gaze goes, even if for a short time, in the upper left, the image is not remembered, but is created (or is imagining you are inventing a lie) .
  • Eye center right. The horizontal eye movements are linked to sounds: eyes in the middle on the right indicate the memory of a sound .
  • Eyes on the middle left. As for the pictures, if the gaze direction moves horizontally to the left, the sound is not mentioned, but is generated .
  • Eyes on the bottom right. If the eyes of our party is facing down on the right, in all probability he is thinking to himself, paying attention to his inner dialogue (you know that little voice that never shuts up in your head?) .
  • Eyes on the bottom left. Finally, the gaze direction in the lower left is linked to a kinesthetic memory : a smell, a feeling, a sensation.

The EAC  for example are widely used by mentalists, magicians, and investigators. While not representing a universal model, ocular indications of access provide a systematic approach to reading the mind. But what to do then if we’re not sure how to interpret these movements? Simple … we can use the  control questions !

The Control Interrogations !

So how it is used to calibrate the responses to a polygraph (lie detectors), the control questions can help us to interpret the eye movements correctly. It may happen that our interlocutor is left-handed (in this case, the reading must be done on the contrary, reversing left and right), or simply has all of its EAC. The trick is to identify them with our control questions .

Eccotone some examples:

      • Hell do I always forget: in a traffic light, top light is red or green?To answer this question, our interlocutor is “forced” to remember a picture. According to the model of the EAC her eyes should move up to our right. If they move somewhere else, most likely take that direction every time that our subject recalls an image.

    • Have you ever tried to imagine Milan without even a car?Since we’re talking about something impossible, our interlocutor has to create from nothing this. In this case his gaze will move in the upper left. As seen above, if the eyes go the other way: take note!
    • Wait, wait, remind me a bit ‘the refrain of the last of the Daft Punk song ?! With this question we bring our party to recall a sound, and therefore his eye should move horizontally to the right. As always appuntiamoci abnormal movements.
    • Let’s see if you are able to pronounce your name backwards! Say your name on the contrary is unusual: our party therefore has to “create” the sound in his mind and in accordance with the EAC unconsciously move his eyes horizontally to the left.
  • What I’d give to be at sea at this time, with the sun warms my skin, try to imagine just for a moment?Where should they go eyes as we think of a feeling? Bravissimo, bottom left. Check whether it also applies to your partner.

Testing your inner dialogue is a much more difficult task, but we can guess the corresponding eye movement going for 😉 exclusion. Thanks to the control interrogations (now you understand the mechanism, you can invent your favorite) we can make our interpretations of eye movements that were much stronger and become the experienced readers of thought !

But every superpower has to be practised in order to master it.

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