This card tricks for beginners will help you impress your audience because its more of an done by itself magic, there is nothing more simple and reassuring to start a magic performance with very a simple and completely automatic map turn.This simple card trick works by itself – meaning we just need to do some simple mind calculations to name the card that our audience have picked.

Performance : 

Ask a spectator to choose any card from the deck .Now we are going to ask him/her to memorise the value of the card. We have already memorized the values of cards namely ace is 1, the jack 11, the queen and the king 12 13.

Then, we are going to ask our spectator to follow some simple procedures. Simple math calculations !

Procedure : 

Asking them to Multiply the value by 2, then add 3 and multiply that result by 5.

Then as the card drawn, add:
1 tile
2 Clover
3 Heart
4 picnic

Now we are going to ask the spectator what number he/she has got and once they say it ,we are going to do our magic calculation and proudly say the name of the card with the number and blow your audience away !

Magic Trick Explained :

To find and name the chosen card, we are going to subtract 15 from the final result given by the spectator. You get a number whose last digit gives us the colour of the card.
1 tile
2 Clover
3 Heart
4 picnic

The first part of the number gives you the value of the card.
For example:
The randomly drawn card by the spectator is the 8 of hearts.

The resulting number is:
8×2 = 16
16 + 3 = 19
19×5 = 95
95 + 3 = 98

Number announced by the spectator: 98

Remove 15
98-15 = 83

8 indicates that this is an 8 and the last digit 3 indicates that it is a heart. We have found the 8 of hearts. As simple as that. 

Practice this cool card tricks a couple of  times before you start performing it to your audience. This is a one of the easiest card tricks for beginners and you can perform it anywhere and anytime.

You just need a deck of cards.