Thank you, and excuse me, while my shoelaces tie themselves

Made famous by magician David Blaine, this magic trick shows how you can tie your shoelaces without using your hands. Someone is always very kind to point out when your shoelaces are untied. So, what do you do? Don’t just thank them, you shake a leg and amuse them.

You can check the video  and see for yourself how simple and convincing it seems.


Read on to find out how you can recreate this trick with just a few tools and a fun trick.

To do this trick, all you need is an extra lace, a safety pin and a string about the size of your leg. You start with the shoelace and lay it out on a flat surface. Fold the shoelace halfway so that both the ends are at the same level. Now bind the two halves together with the help of a safety pin in the middle. Now, bring out the string, and make a knot through the safety pin hole. For the best effect, make sure to use one of the ends of the rope to make the knot; a knot in the middle of the rope might look there’s an extra lace hanging out. For the final stage of preparation, put on your pants halfway (up to the knees), and stand up. Insert the lose end of the string from the bottom of your pants and pull them out of the top of the pants (waist). Now, wear your pants as usual such that the there is a comfortable length of the string hanging out from the waist.

Now, the execution: the trick works by showing a fake shoelace on top of the real one, but the real ones are hidden under the trouser legs. Anyone looking should just think your shoelaces are undone. At this point, the bow of your real shoelaces should be folded upwards and hidden them within your trouser legs. So while you shake your leg, pull the string to make the fake ones go up and revealing the real ones. That’s it, the trick is simply to pull the fake ones in and shake the tied shoelaces out, literally. Cool trick, huh!

Here are just a few extra clues for a smooth touch. Firstly, the extra lace should match the one you’d be wearing while doing the trick. Secondly, try threading the string through your trouser pocket from the inside, so you can pull on the thread with your hands on your pocket.

Now you know if David Blaine trick is Real or Fake 🙂