Card tricks, much like any kind of magic trick, can really wow and boggle anyone’s mind especially if it’s performed with perfect finesse and mastery. Some rely on fluid sleight of hand, while others work naturally through simple mathematics. In most cases, though, the performer is required to memorize and execute certain steps in a precise, successive manner in order to make the trick or illusion work. This easy card trick is specially designed for the beginners.

Most magic tricks that performed with the help of cards, even though they flourished later than other forms of magic, they already have their own standard techniques and manners of presentations. This pretty much underscores the fact that these tricks are very versatile, which is an aspect that is all the more highlighted by the hundreds of card tricks that are now available for learning.

The Final 3 card trick 

This card trick is essentially mathematical in its approach.

1. Have the spectator choose 3 random cards from your deck, have them write each one down, then separate them from the deck (these cards shouldn’t be known to you as well). Afterwards, make card piles of varying numbers from the rest of the deck; it’s important that you don’t reveal these numbers to the audience. The first should contain 10 cards, the second should have 15, and the third must also have 15 cards in total. At this point, you should have 9 cards in your hand; put these down for now.

2. Have the audience place one of the 3 cards on top of the first pile, then have them cut the second pile anyway they want then place the cut cards on top of the first pile. Take the second card then place it on pile number 2, then cut the third pile randomly again then place it on top of the second pile. Lastly, take the third card and place it on top of the third pile, then place the 9 other cards on top of it.

3. Pick up the piles then put them all together again, making sure that the third pile is placed on top of the second pile, which in turn, should be placed on top of the first. Take 4 cards from the top then place it at the bottom of the deck.

4. From here on, you are to divide the deck into two groups, placing each card on top in an alternate face up-face down manner. The first card that you place should always be face-up. Ask the audience whether they see any of the 3 cards on the face-up pile (they won’t) as you make alternating the piles. Once done, set apart the face-up pile then start making another alternating pile (start with face-up again). Do this pattern until you are left with three face-down cards, which is definitely bound to be the 3 selected cards. This simple card trick can be easily mastered with lit bit of efforts !

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