This one you’ll be kicking yourself for not guessing sooner, it’s dead simple but always a winner. So basically, you start off with a group of people – must always be more than one person – with the coin in your hand. Try and break their shield first with a joke or by doing a silly version of making the coin disappear. This is essential for the psychological reasons and it is something that you should be practicing constantly.

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You are going to now cup your hands over the coin on the inside of your palm. Go to each person individually and keep it covered, give each person a peak and ask if the coin is there. Let each person confirm then move to the next. Repeat until the last person. When you get to the last person, you are going to do the same, but with your back slightly turned to the rest of the audience, misdirect with a loud word or sentence, and whisper under your breath to them “take the coin”, then slip it in their hand. Congratulations, you have a co-conspirator.

See a visual version of the explanation for this trick below :

Now, repeat the process of showing each person in line that you do not have a coin in your hand, repeat it. You can show off that you no longer have the coin before starting again, make sure it is not up your sleeve or under your watch – wash your hands and show it is not there. Go to each person again with hands cupped showing it isn’t there, confirm it and move to the next. When you get to the last person they will put the coin back. Most people enjoy being part of the act and will help you out, so there usually isn’t a need to whisper anything.