Dynamo magician is a 31 year old magician from Bradford England. He rose to fame after release of his hit show DYNAMO: MAGICIAN. He grew up in a violent neighborhood of England. He was brought up by his single mother while his father was constantly behind bars. His grandfather played the role of father in his life and was a strong early influence and teacher of magic.

He took to magic from an early age as a survival mechanism which would protect him from bullies in school. Despite his excellent mastery of card tricks, the need to be more than average made him incorporate hip pop music and dance to his performances which greatly grew his fan base.

When he was a teenager, he developed a horrible medical condition that caused him to be in and out of hospital. After a year of tests and medication he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that affects parts of the gut causing severe abdominal pain with diarrhea. This also led to him being smaller and shorter than most of his friends at puberty.

He had to decide between undergoing six months of dialysis or a newer surgery that was aimed at removing a portion of his stomach. He underwent the surgery and came out successfully despite leaving him with a lifelong s-shaped scar on his stomach.

He appeared on many local shows and with time his fan base grew national and even international. He has a strong fan base among the stars and has levitated Lindsay Lohan, James Corden, and Matt Lucas. He appeared on Snoop Dog’s show. He also showed up for the MTVs EMA where he performed for Jay Z, Gwyneth paltrow and Will Smith.

Dynamo’s Magic Tricks

His range of tricks range from card tricks, levitations and walking on water stunts. Here we will see some of His magic tricks revealed.

Walking On Water


On a bright sunny day he casually walked on the river Thames before he was picked up by a police boat. This is one of his most impressive and controversial tricks. He defied every physics law and nature itself in that he was able to walk quite a distance before being picked by the police.

There have been numerous explanations as to how he was able to pull the stunt considering he was being watched by completely unaware onlookers.

One theory explains that the two kayaks and the policemen were all part of the well executed stunt. He supposedly had Pyrex glass beneath the water surface that allowed him to walk the small distance. There are plenty of loose ends in the plan of course but he indeed was able to amaze people with that stunt.

Bus Levitation

On of his other major tricks was when he was seen flying across the city of london alongside a bus. He is seen to be only lightly holding on to the bus with one hand. This was met by serious shock by the spectators. But this was just a levitation illusion.

The explanation just like the walking on water incident is almost entirely on perfect execution. He ensured he was tightly strapped to the car with the fake arm and the driver knew exactly what was going on so as to ensure his safety.

His fame over the years has only grown with time. He has even done advertisements for various multimillion companies. As to his genuineness then it is just a matter of perception. After all magic is centered on the ability of the performer to fool the onlookers.