This card trick relies heavily on sleight of hand and is almost always able to stun audiences because of the seemingly unbelievable way in which the chosen card would suddenly appear in the performer’s hand. There are no preparations you need to do beforehand, and this trick works on any standard deck of cards.

1. You start by dealing out 9 cards. You may arrange them anyway you like on the surface that you place them on, but make sure that each one is readily visible and can easily be counted and picked by the audience.

2. Afterwards, have them pick one card from the said group, with the explicit request that they not show to you. Have them place the card back face-down into the arrangement. However, from that point, you have to make a mental note of chosen card. This is because as you pick these 9 cards up again, you have make sure that the selected card is always the 4th one that you pick up.

3. Once you have all 9 cards in your hand, show the bottom one to your audience. It’s, of course, deliberately wrong, but make sure that you set that card apart. At this point, take next card at the bottom and place it on top of the small card pile in your hand. You are to do this for every other card that follows a card that you show to the audience.

4. Once you are required to show the third card, though, this is the point where sleight of hand is needed. You will show it to the audience, but at the moment that you are going to set it apart, put your hand that’s holding the pile to obscure the view of your audience for a second. You are to carefully slide the 4th (chosen card) because it’ll be the one that you’ll set apart, while the third one’s the card that’s going on top.

5. Do the standard procedure for the rest of the cards and set apart a third final card, then discard the rest. Stack the three cards, making sure that the chosen card would be placed at the bottom. Put the pile between a knuckle, then carefully smack it so that the two on top would slide from your grasp, leaving you with the sole card of the audience. This part requires plenty of practice but isn’t hard to master.

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