Have you ever been interested in learning magic? Maybe not the intense illusions like David Blaine does, but how about card tricks? While some tricks look simple, they actually include multiple complex steps. In this guide, we’ll go well beyond making a house out of a deck of cards. Leave the days of 52 pick up behind and learn how to wow your family, friends and hopefully eventually an audience.

The Double Lift

The Double Lift is also known as a Double Turnover, and is a common card trick. The Double Lift lays the foundation for many other types of card tricks. To perform the Double Lift, you use a simple hand technique. The magician lifts two cards at once, but to the viewer, it looks as if only one card is picked up. Many magicians suggest that those training in card tricks practice this one until you can do it with your eyes closed. By mastering this simple trick, you can wow audiences and leeway into an even greater trick.

There are several types of Double Lifts.
Push Off Double Lift
Basic Double Lift
The Double Turnover
Two Card Pushover
Each variation of the Double Lift can be unique, and have different levels of difficulty. The Double Turnover is best for beginners. If you are feeling comfortable with the technique, try out the Two Card Pushover. Magicians believe this is the more difficult trick of the Double Lift variety.

The Elmsley Count

The Elmsley Count is another basic trick, much like the Double Lift that is used in advanced card tricks. With this trick, a magician is able to hide certain cards within the deck. Usually, the Elmsley Count is used when performing a trick with ten or less cards. During the trick, the performer is able to count the cards in the deck while showing the audience. But, you are also able to keep certain cards from the audience. In basic terms, you are able to trick your audience by thinking you have less cards in your hands than you actually have. See  http://mentalismknowledge.com/10-card-tricks-everyone-can-learn/


Yes, you can imitate the infamous David Blaine by learning how to fake levitation. Unless you are a wizard, I doubt you could seriously pull off a real levitation. But, we’re going to explain how to make it look as if you are performing magic. To prepare for this trick, you’ll need a clear piece of plastic and super glue. The plastic will need to be thin enough to be flexible, yet sturdy enough to perform the trick. Super glue the strip of plastic to the bottom of the card. By pulling the strip of plastic with your hand, you can make it appear as if you are levitating the card. But be careful, make sure members of the audience doesn’t try to take the card. Your secret will be blown! This is a great trick for beginners, but an even better trick to record, rather than perform in public.